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Oxford College graduates are making an impact on the community.  All of our graduates in the Clinical Research program are now employed in this field and beginning successful careers.  Here are some testimonials from our alumni about the Clinical Research program.

See our latest Testimonials:


“It was a great experience taking this program at Oxford, since we had a small size class Dr. Nicholas knew all of us and where we were coming from. He was always there to help us in any way and provide us with quality lectures and education, and share his wisdom and experiences throughout the program. I did not only learn Clinical Research but I learned valuable life lessons… Through this program I was able to get my foot into the doors of the Hospital for Sick Children, where I got hired at the end of my placement.” Read More


“My time at Oxford College was definitely one of the most positive educational experiences I’ve ever had. All the staff was so helpful and friendly. This is truly an environment that fosters real improvement and growth. The Clinical Research course offered here is highly comprehensive and thoroughly prepares you for any situation you may encounter in the field. The broad base of information that is covered is complemented by the depth into which the important areas are dealt with.” Read More


“I got the information about the program from the website and compared it to other institutions which provide the same program and found that this program at Oxford College was designed carefully to fulfill the needs of Clinical Researchers. During the program I’ve learnt all the different aspects about clinical trials and that material helps me to perform on a high level at my work place. At Oxford I learnt not only all of the aspects of Clinical Research but also about Canadian culture and about the labour market, about job interviews, writing resumes and about behaviours, norms and professionalism here in Canada.” – Read More


“Clinical research is a fast paced world full of scientific events, an exciting atmosphere where you learn how to handle research projects in an active networking with academic people. You will find yourself actively learning and producing knowledge rather than just using it. This program updated me with different aspects of clinical research specifically in North America and the 13 weeks placement put me in a workplace full of opportunity to use this knowledge and to participate directly in research projects.” – Read More


“The CRA program designed by Dr. Nicholas is one of the best. He is not only a teacher but a friend, philosopher and guide, and is willing to help us students anytime and in any situation. The program prepared me to face the fast paced research field and also increased my knowledge about the Canadian healthcare system. The best parts of the program for me were the presentations and placement. During the program we were taught how to give presentations, which I had never done before.” – Read More


“I am an International Medical Graduate from Belarus and as many other immigrants came to Canada for a better future. In order to get back to the Health Care Field, I enrolled in the Clinical Research Program at Oxford College. During the program I’ve learnt all the different aspects about clinical trials and that material helps me to perform on a high level these days at my work place.

The college provided all students, including me, with excellent placements, which turned into my first job, and I am so happy and proud to be a part of a SickKids Hospital team now.” Read More


“For me, Dr. Nicholas was a teacher and friend who helped me to understand many aspects and details of Canadian research environment, health care system and society of my new country.  He delivered to us not only knowledge, but also gave us professional advice, suggestions, and orientation in our new country, based on his long medical and clinical research experience. By this way, I want to bring my thanks to Dr. Nicholas for his educational support, and my admiration and respect for his effort to give a new professional direction to many IMGs established in Canada.” Read more


“In the beginning of the program everything looked easy and I thought I wouldn’t have to study hard, but once past the introductory courses it just kept getting more demanding and I found myself every day either in the college or the library. Sometimes I thought he is giving us too much material, more than what we needed, but now I understand that this field is much broader than I thought and actually that makes it more exciting.

Since the very first day of my placement I found my self knowledgeable enough to face any challenge without being afraid, although I wasn’t familiar with many processes that a data manager needs to know in order to take on a study on his own. I don’t mean that I could do it now but that’s beside the point; I have this courage to say that I learn something every day and I owe this to Dr. Nicholas for giving me a good background so I can now absorb every piece of research knowledge.” Read More


“I have always liked research and I made the decision to go ahead and take a good program after realizing that it was extremely difficult to get a good research job without proper training. I really liked the idea of the carefully chosen placement that the program offers. I had the wonderful opportunity to study at Oxford, the course is very well designed and I really learned a lot. During my placement I continued to learn, my confidence improved a lot and I soon got a job offer.” Read More


“Having taken the Oxford College Clinical Research program for a year I would highly recommend it for all those interested in a research career. The program offers an excellent syllabus with 28 courses from basic medical subjects such as Anatomy and Principles of Molecular Genetics to Drug Development, Ethics and Applications to Regulatory Bodies. The program also explores different aspects of research including community research programs and translation to primary care issues; it helped me to acquire a solid knowledge and a broad education, essential for success in this field.” Read More


“My goal as an International Medical Graduate was to find some activity that allowed me to work close to, or within a medical environment where I could make use of my medical knowledge. My dream came true and I can say that you made an important contribution to my achievements; without you assistance I do not think I would have succeeded in finding my excellent job position at the WCRI, working as I am with experts in the Genetics of Breast Cancer. I would like to offer my availability to the College if you should consider that my experience may be of value to others.” Read More


“You don’t have any idea how useful it has been for me to have taken the Oxford Clinical Research Program! I would like to thank all of you at Oxford who have helped me reach my goal. Dr. Nicholas, I would like to express my appreciation for your incredible service as professor; the contributions you have made over the past year have been invaluable to me, for my education and for my establishment in Canada, and I am now working and I would say that it is thanks to you! I appreciate the effort you have made in the design of the program at Oxford College – you clearly care about teaching.” Read More


“I am a Dentist from India. To be part of Clinical Research program at Oxford College was one of my best decisions. The program is very intense and covers wide aspects of knowledge and skills in Clinical Research. It is very well designed by Dr. Nicholas who is very helpful to all his students. He is the professor as well as your mentor. I also feel proud to have been part of the research team at SickKids Hospital during my placement.”

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